Host and meet travellers around the world

Curated community for the untourists. For those that travelling is a way of life and a path to self-discovery.

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Tribevibe is a global community of travellers, wanderers, and curious people that thrive under the premise that the world is inherently good. It provides a platform for meaningful connections and experiences to happen.

We strive to create a sense of belonging, connecting people culturally and individually, empowering them to host each other, and to create global friendships.

It's an online tool to create offline experiences.

Announce your trips

Make it easier for potential hosts to discover you and offer you a place to stay.

Stay with a local

Set your travel dates and refine your preferences because finding a host is one search away.

Discover like-minded travellers

Share the journey with another traveller and discover places togehter.

How does it work?

Simple. You can meet travellers in your hometown or during your journey, or you can host fellow travellers, or get hosted by locals. The hosting does not involve monetary exchange because the experiences are priceless. However, a “Thank you” in some form is always welcomed.

We want to help you connect with people similar in lifestyle and aspirations. We stand to be a reflection of a diverse community of cultures, ages, and beliefs, and aim to create a safe and open environment for everyone to share their ideas, skills, get inspired, create pleasant memories, and express authentically.

Because traveling is more than visiting places and taking snaphosts of landmarks; it's about the people we meet, and the experiences we create.

What is a Tribeviber?

  • One who is not seeking a vacation so much as an immersion.
  • One who embraces the differences in culture, tradition and belief.
  • One who feels that the journey is as important as the destination.
  • One who is a perennial seeker of meaning while on the road.
  • One who strives to minimise their ecological travel footprint.
  • One who nurtures global friendships.
  • One who is a life-long learner.

So, are you a Tribeviber?

We are launching soon. Put yourself on the list to access the Tribevibe community.

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