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Community guide

Last updated: 28th of July, 2021

We deeply value the global nature of our community, and we strive to take into account the diversity of cultural norms and beliefs, and the unique expressions of each person. As we grow, we are committed to maintaining a supportive environment for all of you. That‘s why this document is ever-evolving, and we‘ll update it as we learn along the way.

These guidelines ensure everyone within the Tribevibe community to have a sense of belonging, create pleasant memories, express authentically, get inspired, experience inner-transformation, or simply put, have a good time. But a community spirit is kept strong when its very members nurture it—you. Therefore, please consider what you should, and shouldn‘t do.

Things you should do

  1. Be good, do good. When we believe that the world is inherently good—and most importantly, show this belief through our thoughts, words and actions—we inspire others to feel and do the same. And that‘s how we set a foundation in the community that helps us all to evolve.

  2. Respect the differences. As unique human beings, we must learn to respect the uniqueness in others too, whether that is in opinions, values, culture, or beliefs. It helps us foster meaningful and genuine interactions that transcend race, language, caste, and creed.

  3. Respect the surrounding. Whether it‘s a place you are visiting or a home you‘ve been hosted, always try to leave it better than you‘ve found it. Your Tribevibe friends, and the Earth, will thank you for that.

  4. Respect others people‘s privacy. We all come from different cultural backgrounds. What something is considered public to you, might be deemed private for others. When you respect other people‘s privacy and personal space, you instil trust, and others can rely on you.

  5. Help and support fellow members. Life throws us different surprises, especially when we are far away from home. You might end up meeting a Tribeviber who has not eaten since morning or has no place to stay overnight. Offer whatever is in your capacity.

  6. Be honest and direct. Quite often we hide our true feelings about something or someone in order not to leave a bad impression. Be honest about things you don‘t like, and be open to politely agree to disagree. Being too good can sometimes cause more harm than good.

  7. Don‘t forget the golden rule. There is an ethical maxim that transcends science, culture, religion and time, and is phrased as, "Treat others as you would like others to treat you." Powerful, right?

Things you should not do

  1. Don‘t be creepy. Know your limits. If you realise you've gone too far, whether that is through words or actions, just stop. Count to ten and reexamine the consequences to the other affected and to yourself. Say sorry, and move on. Others will appreciate it.

  2. Don‘t put others at risk. Getting outside the comfort zone is tempting. And that‘s fine, as long as the risk is calculated and the consequences foreseeable. But don‘t entice others into dangerous acts, where they might not have the skills, nor the psychological or physical readiness for such extreme actions.

  3. Don‘t promote hateful behaviour. We don’t allow anything that slanders, demeans, or belittles another group or person based upon their race, faith, gender, or sexual orientation. We are an inclusive community, not exclusive. We stand for diversity in unity, and unity in diversity.

  4. Don‘t promote illegal activities. They are the ones that violate the laws or regulations. We prohibit theft, assault, human exploitation, counterfeiting, and other harmful behaviour. To prevent such behaviour from being normalised, we reserve the right to remove members who promote them.

  5. Don‘t be sexually explicit. We understand that it might be part of your expression, but if that expression makes others uncomfortable, then you should not promote it. Otherwise, we reserve the right for such members to be removed from the community.

  6. Don‘t exploit other people‘s weaknesses. We all have them. You too. Sharing our weaknesses, and being accepted for who we are, makes us better, and stronger. Therefore, it‘s crucial for other members not to exploit that. If someones do, we may remove such members from the community.

  7. Don't spam. Don‘t scam. We do not tolerate that. Period.