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Safety tips

Last updated: 28th of July, 2021

As an authentic platform that helps people around the world meet, we have a responsibility to help you protect your security, privacy, and wellbeing, so that you create a safe surrounding during your offline experiences with other Tribevibe members. While we can‘t control, nor guarantee all possible outcomes from your experiences, we can lay out certain guidelines that can minimise potential negative outcomes, and mitigate any risk that might arise during your interaction with other Tribevibe members. So, here we go…

1. Research before you meet

While each member has an online space where they can tell the story about themselves and show reviews given by other members, if a particular person you plan to meet gives you mixed impressions, run a quick internet search. Nowadays almost everyone has an online track record. It might help you with your decision to meet.

2. Communicate the details

We understand that spontaneity is liberating. But when it comes to meeting someone, a time and place to meet would do no harm. Our platform offers public trips and meet-up functionalities connected to dates. Use them well. Before deciding to meet someone, don‘t hesitate to ask questions, and clear out any uncertainties before you agree to meet.

3. Maintain your faculties

We all know how first impressions are lasting impressions. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it‘s not only inappropriate but dangerous to yourself because your leave your well-being in the hands of someone else. While our community is supportive and might understand that this is a one-off fling, don‘t make others create a skewed impression of you.

4. Have a backup plan

Always have a plan B in case something goes wrong, or feels like it might. We advise you to share your meet-up location with someone else you can trust, which is in close proximity with you, like in the same town, or city. It‘s that simple.

5. Trust your gut

You know that gut feeling that something just isn’t right, even though everything seems logical? Trust that feeling. Always. It’s not rude to leave a person or a place that makes you feel uncomfortable and unsafe, even though circumstances and logic pull you strongly to stay. Don‘t try to rationalise. Elegantly remove yourself from that surrounding.